Dou Xian Food Company Joins Hands with Digiwinsoft to Implement ERP System

Due to the continuous changes in market demand, Dou Xian Food’s product range continues to expand. In order to provide customers with high-quality and professional services, Dou Xian Food hopes that all departments can effectively coordinate various data and reports. Through the implementation of Digiwinsoft ERP system, Dou Xian Food has successfully improved the efficiency of various departments, reduced losses and errors, while also increasing the accuracy and efficiency of inventory management.


In Dou Xian Food’s ERP project, collaboration with Digiwinsoft consultants has optimized operational processes, especially in quality tracing and control, significantly improving inventory accuracy to 90% and reducing the loss rate from 15% to 7%. Dou Xian Food’s General Manager, Ivan Wang, stated, "We hope that in the future, we can fully digitize all operational processes, improve the skills of all staff, and achieve a paperless and intelligent enterprise."


In the process of business growth, the increasing number of product varieties has made traditional manual paper-based management challenging. The challenges of increased procurement frequency, inventory management, and product shelf life control have become more prominent. To address these challenges and achieve sustainable development, Dou Xian Food introduced the Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in 2022. This is a significant digital investment aimed at enhancing competitiveness, improving data accuracy, increasing inventory management efficiency, and reducing costs. Dou Xian Food also summarized three key success factors in the ERP project: support from the governance team, process improvements, and the selection of an ERP system supplier.


Furthermore, Digiwinsoft ERP consultant, Guo Zhiyong, in the coaching task, through assessments, interviews, and actual plant visits, identified three key points for the project, including standardized product coding and nomenclature, food traceability management, and custom system adaptations to meet food manufacturing characteristics. These contribute to improving inventory management, preventing overconsumption, and ensuring food quality and traceability.